November Dessert (Media)

When it comes to Asian dessert, I find myself craving it year round. The great thing about Asian desserts – especially sweet soups is that you can opt to have them hot or cold! I was recently invited to check out November Dessert (Thanks Kenny 🙂 ) with a few foodies to check out their new cake menu. If you check out their website, you’ll notice that the hyperlink is under Scorpio’s M Dessert which used to operate out in Richmond. They have since relocated to South Burnaby and rebranded themselves as November Dessert . If you’ve been to Scorpio M before, you could expect the menu to be fairly similar.

November Dessert is located along Grimmer Street in South Burnaby within proximity to other dessert focused cafes. They’re just a few blocks away from Royal Oak Station if you plan on making the commute here. Parking is available along the street but it’s paid parking.

The place was relatively empty when I walked in during the late afternoon, maybe this place is more of a late night spot? The place has a very rustic vibe with wooden accents throughout the space.

They serve water in cute little square cups!

Here is the display of their new cake dessert menu! The new pastry chef likes to rotate flavours quite often which explains why they don’t have a set menu. But prices range from $4.99-$6.50 per slice. Everything they make here is baked from scratch.

Chocolate Tree Log  : Chocolate sponge cake with raspberry jam filling, dark chocolate whipped cream topped with green tea jelly. The cake was very moist and the sweetness was not too overwhelming considering dark chocolate whipped cream was used. The raspberry jam filling is house-made which was a nice surprise as most places don’t put in the time and effort to make everything from scratch. I wasn’t a big fan of the green tea jelly decor as it tasted pretty bland and artificial. Texture-wise maybe a bit of crunch inside could have added an extra element to the cake.

Earl Grey Lemon Chocolate Tart : When it comes to tarts.. my favourite is always the crust 😛 Personally, I wasn’t a huge fan of this one as the tea-flavour could have been more prominent. Again, the dessert wasn’t overwhelmingly sweet which I appreciate- but the base could have used a bit more butter and sugar.

Galaxy Triple Mint Chocolate Dome: Same tart base used as the earl grey dessert. This one was a crowd pleaser as we all enjoyed the silky-smooth chocolate mousse on top of the crispy biscuit base. The chocolate was nice and decadent and the mint inside did not have an artificial taste nor colour to it.

Mango Chiffon Roll Cake: Vanilla swiss roll with house-made whipped cream and diced mangoes. This one was my favourite out of the bunch! The swiss roll cake was extremely moist and light and the whipped cream was to die for! I know you can always get roll cakes at asian bakeries but they execute it very well here ! One thing I would have liked would be to incorporate more diced mangoes in the filling as the other half of the cake had no mango filling at all.

Black Sticky Rice and Strawberry Shaved Ice: Wasn’t a fan of the shaved ice as it had a strong coconut taste and the texture wasn’t something I’m used to having when it comes to shaved ice. However, the strawberries and black sticky rice tasted fresh.

Rose Infused Iced Tea: Wasn’t really a fan of this drink as the rose tea was extremely strong!

Assorted Fruit Matcha Shaved Ice: To my disappointment, I wasn’t a fan of this one either as I couldn’t really taste matcha in the shaved ice. At first , I thought I was eating pandan shaved ice 😛

Overall, November Dessert had some hits and misses. I wouldn’t necessarily go out of my way for dessert here but I do appreciate their extensive dessert menu compared to other Asian dessert places!

Disclosure: I was invited to attend a media event. All food and drinks were complimentary. Opinions are my own.

5358 Grimmer St
Burnaby, BC

Rating: 3/5
Reservation? No

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