Uncle Lu

Going out for food has become more of a luxury these days with school in the way. Some weekends are better than others when I actually do feel like having a social life!The boyfriend and I trekked out to Richmond with his family for a simple dinner after picking up his dad from the airport. It wasn’t hard to pick this place as we were all craving Taiwanese food! Whenever I dine with the boyfriend’s family, I try to refrain from bringing my camera out as it attracts unavoidable attention sometimes, but hey, it’s for my readers! So enjoy 🙂

Uncle Lu is sister restaurant to Corner 23 on King Edward/ Cambie. Just like Corner 23, Uncle Lu serves typical Taiwanese-style food with an extensive menu of appetizers, noodles, rice combos, and bubble tea. On the weekend, the place can get quite packed as it’s located right in the Continental Plaza alongside other well known eateries like Dolpan Seoul BBQ, Gyo-o, and Le Tea. Luckily, the turnover rate here is pretty fast so we didn’t have to wait too long for our table. With the boyfriend’s family, we usually like to have dinner family style but due to the flu season, each of us ordered our own set meals instead. One thing worth mentioning is that what sets Uncle Lu+ Corner 23 apart from other Taiwanese establishments is their signature Pork Hock, I haven’t had the chance to try it myself, but please let me know what you think if you make a visit at any of their locations for it as I’ve heard great things about it 🙂

Five Spice Beef Wrap ($6.50) Sad looking beef wraps unfortunately with lack of meat filling inside.

Deep Fried Dumpling with Ground Meat ($6.25) It’s  amazing to see so many different variations of dumplings around the world! In Taiwan, it’s called Bawan, a popular street food- the translucent dough is made from corn starch, sweet potato stach, and rice flour filled with pork, bamboo shoots, and mushroom. It gets steamed first, then deep fried into the pan. Boyfriend’s mom was feeling nostalgic when she ordered this dish. I would say it’s definitely an acquired taste, so if you’re feeling adventurous give it a try. The waitress may warn you in advance about this dish 😛

Sliced Pork and Cabbage with Tofu in Garlic Sauce ($9.95) Boyfriend’s brother got this classic Taiwanese dish via boyfriend’s recommendation. This time around it wasn’t as oily as our last visit and Chris quickly polished it up!

Chicken with Three Spice Sauce ($10.50) This is also another popular Taiwanese dish, it’s more on the sweet side. One thing I love about this dish is how distinctively flavourful it goes with rice. I prefer more basil, but that’s just a personal preference.

Deep Fried Marinated Chicken Thigh ($9.95) Had a bite of boyfriend’s dish and the chicken was tasty and had a familiar Taiwanese spice blend- I’m thinking five spice powder..

Hakka Stir-Fry ($9.95) This is another popular Taiwanese dish with roots in the cuisine of Hakka people combining a variety of flavours into one. There are different variations of it,choice of protein is usually pork belly and squid. At Uncle Lu, they incorporate spring onion, celery, tofu, and onion.

Deep Fried Chicken Nuggets ($9.95) At Corner 23, their deep fried chicken nuggets is always my go-to meal, so it was a no brainer that I ordered this at Uncle Lu and it was just as good as I remember! Generous portion of crunchy bite-sized pieces of  chicken dusted with the perfect amount of five spice powder. Super addictive! Every rice combo comes with three side dishes as well!

3779 Sexsmith Rd
Richmond, BC

Rating: 3.5/5
Service: 3/5
Reservation? No

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