Sugar Lab

No matter how full I am, there’s always room for dessert. With the summer weather rolling around, I’ve been craving nothing but desserts! With so many choices available, I tend to always gravitate towards cakes-fancy cakes to be exact 😉  Sugar Lab is a relatively new dessert shop in South Burnaby that specializes in mille crêpes. Mille crêpes usually consist of approximately 20 layers of crêpes sandwiched between light pastry cream. There are many variations one can get ranching from popular flavours like chocolate, taro, and matcha. With the amount of time and effort that goes into curating one cake, I’m always more than happy to splurge (occasionally, of course) and pay around $7-8 for a slice.

Aside from their cakes, Sugar Lab also offers popular asian desserts like dessert soup, bubble tea, shaved ice, and pancakes. The cafe gives off a minimalist design with its white theme with a few scattered plants and wooden decor. It sits about about twenty people at a given time. It is recommended to come during the late afternoon to ensure a table.

At Sugar Lab, they usually have quite a few flavours for you to choose from. According to their crepe cake menu, most popular flavours include Mango ($8.95), Durian ($8.95), Matcha ($8.50), and Serradura ($8.50). You can opt to pay in advance or after, but you must order at the counter.

I came here with fellow foodies Kenny and Trudy for an impromptu dessert after a media event since it was close by. We had intended to share just one slice of cake between the three of us, but ended up getting a slice each since we all wanted to try different flavours 🙂

Oreo Crêpe Cake ($8.50) Delectable choice of cake for Oreo fans out there! I loved the crunchy Oreo bits on top as it gave the cake a nice contrast in texture. The pastry cream filling was also nice and light with a hint of chocolate. Compared to L’otus Cake Boutique the layers between crepe and cream are much better balanced. This one was surprisingly my favourite out of the bunch!

Taro Crêpe Cake ($8.75) This one was Trudy’s choice of cake. I like how they incorporated mashed taro root in between the layers to give the cake a more prominent taro flavour. Again, the crêpe was light and moist which made every bite better than the last as you work your way in. Compared to the Oreo one, it was not overly sweet- it’s more suited towards an Asian palate.

Matcha Crêpe Cake ($8.50) I thoroughly enjoyed my matcha cake as the flavour really came through. It was good, but not Lady M mind blowingly amazing. I would have preferred less matcha powder on top as it tasted quite bitter on top. But overall, this one was also not bad if you’re a matcha lover.

Overall, I quite enjoyed my experience here. The service was great as I never felt rushed to leave. I’d definitely swing by again to try other unique flavours with friends 🙂

5376 Grimmer St
Burnaby, BC

Rating: 4/5
Price: $$
Service: 4/5
Reservation? No

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