BlackBall is a well known Taiwanese dessert chain with over 100 locations around the globe. They are best known for their popular grass jelly dessert and crushed ice series. As many of you know, I usually don’t visit Richmond often and when I do – I try to maximize it as much as possible! BlackBall is located in Union Square Shopping Centre among many popular casual eateries. If you are familiar with MeetFresh , the concept here is pretty much the same – except they offer more variety and modern twist to traditional Taiwanese desserts. Everything here is also handmade in house! Given Richmond’s demographic, I guess I’m not surprised decided to open up here.

IMG_9087.JPGThe space here is very open and bright adorned with high ceilings and modern light fixtures. During the weekend, it can get quite busy in the afternoon so I would suggest coming in on a late afternoon or a weekday.

Like many other Asian places, it’s self-serve where you order up at the front. I can’t remember how the system works here but I think they call our your order number from your receipt when your food is ready! It’s best to go with a small group friends so you can sample a bit of everything as their portions are quite large.

Self-serve water and syrups and condensed milk up for grabs for added sweetness!

IMG_9070.JPGBlackBall Supreme ($19.90) Grass jelly, TaroQ, YamQ, taro balls, yam balls, red bean, pearl, konjac jelly, and crystal balls. This was shared between 4 people and it was more than enough. The interesting thing about this place is you can also customize the temperature of your desserts from icy, cold, warm, and hot. Since it was hot that day, we decided to opt for icy and it tasted great! The ingredients tasted fresh and the balls were nice and chewy. My favourite was the crystal ball made with brown sugar. It was super refreshing and different from your regular shaved ice or milk shave to accompany the toppings.

IMG_9071.JPGEgg Cake ($5.50) These egg cakes come in flavours ranging from cheese, taro, red bean, and plain. For the cheese flavour, they use a pig shaped cake maker – so cute! 🙂 The egg cakes were more dense than anticipated but I thoroughly enjoyed them. They also weren’t too sweet !

IMG_9068.JPGForest Matcha Ice ($12.95) drizzled with matcha syrup and condensed milk.

IMG_9064.JPGForest Matcha Ice ($12.95) Matcha pudding, red bean, barley, matcha jelly, rice balls. Since they ran out of rice balls, we substituted with YamQ balls instead. The matcha pudding wasn’t sweet as predicted and paired nicely with the red bean (as always) and sweetness of the shaved ice. Personally, I wasn’t a fan of the barley in the combo, but I do appreciate how the shaved iced and toppings were given separately allowing each ingredient to be enjoyed on its own.

Overall, I’m happy with my experience here at BlackBall. Perhaps it’s because I’m a fan of places that allow desserts to be shared rather than individually which makes eating out much more enjoyable!

8300 Capstan Way Unit 1061
Richmond, BC

Rating: 4/5
Price: $$
Service: N/A
Reservation? N/A

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