Juillet Café

Juillet Café is a charming coffee shop located in Burquitlam by Lougheed Highway. They are attached to their beauty salon, Juillet Beauty Centre best known for their extensive range of health and beauty services. Their coffee shop boasts sleek wood paneling with a few contemporary elements creating a very warm and cozy ambiance. I had … Continue reading Juillet Café


Beaucoup Bakery

Bonne Année! Beaucoup Bakery is a neighbourhood French-inspired bakery that serves fresh hot-out-of-the oven pastries run by acclaimed pastry chef and owner Jackie Ellis. Widely considered one of the 'best' bakeries in the city, this charming 16-seat bakery is best known for their delectable croissants. Beaucoup Bakery recently launched their holiday line up featuring chestnut … Continue reading Beaucoup Bakery

Ramen Koika

Whenever someone suggests ramen for dinner, the first thing that always comes to mind is: line-ups. Ramen Koika is located on David Street amidst many other culturally diverse restaurants in the area. As you may or may not already know, Vancouver Downtown is filled with ramen shops, but Ramen Koika is the only standing ramen … Continue reading Ramen Koika

Ding Hao

Desperate for food before my appointment at the Apple Store in Coquitlam, my boyfriend and I came here for a casual and quick dinner. Ding Hao, which translates to "awesome", is a Taiwanese establishment that specializes in Taiwanese beef noodle soup and dry noodles. My boyfriend and I have been coming here for two years … Continue reading Ding Hao


Gyo-O, which translates to “Fish King” is Japanese restaurant located on Sexsmith Road within Continental Mall that specializes in donburi (rice bowls , ramen, and udon noodle soups with focus on seafood. This place is a great alternative to regular Japanese establishments as they put more emphasis on Japanese comfort food rather than sushi. The … Continue reading Gyo-O


My boyfriend's mom first introduced me to liquid nitrogen ice cream and raved about the difference in texture and creaminess compared to traditional ice cream. We went to a small town called La Quinta, just a few miles away from Palm Springs a few months ago and I honestly think we made the trip there specifically just for ice cream! 😛 … Continue reading Mister