The Coffee Bun (Coquitlam)

What's the one coffee shop every coffee lover needs to visit? The Coffee Bun and I seriously can't stress that enough! As a food blogger, I'm often asked what my favourite restaurant is. To be honest, I don't have one! There are so many restaurants that I've yet to try, but I will tell people … Continue reading The Coffee Bun (Coquitlam)

Swiss Bakery

Many people assume I eat out a lot. But with school, work, and  medical appointments going on, eating out doesn't excite me as much as it used to when I just had work occupying my mind. Anyway, continuing on with the Hot Chocolate Festival craze, I decided to check out Swiss Bakery due to their unique … Continue reading Swiss Bakery

Beaucoup Bakery

Bonne Année! Beaucoup Bakery is a neighbourhood French-inspired bakery that serves fresh hot-out-of-the oven pastries run by acclaimed pastry chef and owner Jackie Ellis. Widely considered one of the 'best' bakeries in the city, this charming 16-seat bakery is best known for their delectable croissants. Beaucoup Bakery recently launched their holiday line up featuring chestnut … Continue reading Beaucoup Bakery


Purebread is a Whistler-based bakery known for their selection of pastries, baked goods and bread. Even after six years in the bakery business, owners Paula and Mark Lumming of Purebread are constantly inspired to expand and tweak their menu. The bread menu itself has over 20 different types of loaves. Some of their more unique flavours … Continue reading Purebread