Oz Korean Cuisine

After living in the Tri-Cities for ~ 5 years, I could say I've definitely had my fair share of Korean food. As you all may know, Coquitlam is also commonly known as "Koreantown", home to one of the larges Korean communities in North America. It's almost like a hub with lots of Korean businesses and … Continue reading Oz Korean Cuisine

House of Tofu

What’s better than a bowl of noodles on a cold day? Tofu Soup! House of Tofu is a Korean restaurant in Burquitlam that specializes in soft tofu stew (Soon Du Bu Jigae). They’ve been in business for over a decade at the same spot and they’re consistently busy regardless of the day of the week! … Continue reading House of Tofu

Deer Garden

I'm sure many of you know Deer Garden Signatures as the go-to place for noodle soups where you can customize your bowl of noodles from soup base, noodles, and toppings. But.. how many of you guys out there know about Deer Garden's Coquitlam location where they serve up classic Chinese-style comfort food? According to the … Continue reading Deer Garden

Ding Hao

Desperate for food before my appointment at the Apple Store in Coquitlam, my boyfriend and I came here for a casual and quick dinner. Ding Hao, which translates to "awesome", is a Taiwanese establishment that specializes in Taiwanese beef noodle soup and dry noodles. My boyfriend and I have been coming here for two years … Continue reading Ding Hao