Swiss Bakery

Many people assume I eat out a lot. But with school, work, and  medical appointments going on, eating out doesn't excite me as much as it used to when I just had work occupying my mind. Anyway, continuing on with the Hot Chocolate Festival craze, I decided to check out Swiss Bakery due to their unique … Continue reading Swiss Bakery


L’otus Cake Boutique

L'otus Cake Boutique is a new dessert shop in Richmond that specializes in mille crêpe. Mille Crêpe, which translates to “a thousand sheets of crêpes” is essentially layers of crêpes sandwiched between thin layers of light pastry cream. I first heard of the concept when I visited Lady M In New York back in 2014! … Continue reading L’otus Cake Boutique

Beaucoup Bakery

Bonne Année! Beaucoup Bakery is a neighbourhood French-inspired bakery that serves fresh hot-out-of-the oven pastries run by acclaimed pastry chef and owner Jackie Ellis. Widely considered one of the 'best' bakeries in the city, this charming 16-seat bakery is best known for their delectable croissants. Beaucoup Bakery recently launched their holiday line up featuring chestnut … Continue reading Beaucoup Bakery


My boyfriend's mom first introduced me to liquid nitrogen ice cream and raved about the difference in texture and creaminess compared to traditional ice cream. We went to a small town called La Quinta, just a few miles away from Palm Springs a few months ago and I honestly think we made the trip there specifically just for ice cream! 😛 … Continue reading Mister

Fondway Cafe

Fondway Cafe is conveniently located right behind Metrotown Skytrain Station in Burnaby. The moment you step inside the cafe, there's a bit of a hipster/vintage feel to it which gives this place a nice and relaxing atmosphere. This place can only accommodate a maximum occupancy of 30 people so seating is definitely limited here. They have … Continue reading Fondway Cafe