Ramen Koika

Whenever someone suggests ramen for dinner, the first thing that always comes to mind is: line-ups. Ramen Koika is located on David Street amidst many other culturally diverse restaurants in the area. As you may or may not already know, Vancouver Downtown is filled with ramen shops, but Ramen Koika is the only standing ramen … Continue reading Ramen Koika


Aji Kura

Bob had a Groupon for Aji Kura and invited me to tag along so that she could redeem it before the expiry date. When there's food involved, you can count on me to be there! I find that lesser known restaurants heavily rely on Groupon to keep them afloat these days. If you were to … Continue reading Aji Kura


Gyo-O, which translates to “Fish King” is Japanese restaurant located on Sexsmith Road within Continental Mall that specializes in donburi (rice bowls , ramen, and udon noodle soups with focus on seafood. This place is a great alternative to regular Japanese establishments as they put more emphasis on Japanese comfort food rather than sushi. The … Continue reading Gyo-O


The Vancouver-born Japadog has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a single street vendor stand. To date, the establishment has now expanded to several vendor carts on the west coast and two restaurants. Japadog offers an array of flavours that you can’t experience from anywhere else when it comes to hot dogs. … Continue reading Japadog

Hi Genki

Hi Genki is a Japanese restaurant that operates out of the Nikkei Place complex on Kingsway and Sperling Avenue. For more than a decade, the restaurant has been providing home-style Japanese meals to both senior residents and the general public for lunch and dinner. It’s been almost two years since my last visit here, so … Continue reading Hi Genki

Yuu Japanese Tapas

‘Yuu Japanese Tapas’ is a casual, family-friendly Japanese restaurant located in the popular Continental Plaza in Richmond. The space has a very traditional Japanese feel to it with wooden fixtures and interesting décor plastered throughout the restaurant. Walking in at 2:30pm, the place was bustling with the late lunch crowd comprised of mostly young families. They … Continue reading Yuu Japanese Tapas