Oz Korean Cuisine

After living in the Tri-Cities for ~ 5 years, I could say I've definitely had my fair share of Korean food. As you all may know, Coquitlam is also commonly known as "Koreantown", home to one of the larges Korean communities in North America. It's almost like a hub with lots of Korean businesses and … Continue reading Oz Korean Cuisine

Ichigo Ichie Ramen

I like to always try new things in most aspects of my life. So when new restaurants pop up in the Lower Mainland, I get pretty excited regardless of the cuisine. Ichigo Ichie is a ramen joint that opened up a few months ago in Steveston South of Richmond . It didn't take much effort … Continue reading Ichigo Ichie Ramen

Ta bom

Living in the Tri-Cities area, I’m constantly spoiled by the influx of Korean restaurants. The newest addition is Ta bom, a Korean restaurant located in Port Moody known for their Korean barbeque meats served on hot plates that can be dipped with cheese. This place is truly a hole-in-the wall as I actually heard about … Continue reading Ta bom