Ichigo Ichie Ramen

I like to always try new things in most aspects of my life. So when new restaurants pop up in the Lower Mainland, I get pretty excited regardless of the cuisine. Ichigo Ichie is a ramen joint that opened up a few months ago in Steveston South of Richmond . It didn't take much effort … Continue reading Ichigo Ichie Ramen


House of Tofu

What’s better than a bowl of noodles on a cold day? Tofu Soup! House of Tofu is a Korean restaurant in Burquitlam that specializes in soft tofu stew (Soon Du Bu Jigae). They’ve been in business for over a decade at the same spot and they’re consistently busy regardless of the day of the week! … Continue reading House of Tofu

Ta bom

Living in the Tri-Cities area, I’m constantly spoiled by the influx of Korean restaurants. The newest addition is Ta bom, a Korean restaurant located in Port Moody known for their Korean barbeque meats served on hot plates that can be dipped with cheese. This place is truly a hole-in-the wall as I actually heard about … Continue reading Ta bom