Bun Cha Ca Hoang Yen

Bun Cha Ca Hoang Yen probably needs no introduction when it comes to their pho. Situated in East Vancouver within proximity to the popular Western Lake on Victoria Drive, they specialize in their Special Fish Cake Vermicelli Soup and it's pretty much the only dish every table orders here! My mom is a huge fan of … Continue reading Bun Cha Ca Hoang Yen


Pho 99

Pho 99 is a well known Vietnamese cuisine franchise best known for their noodle soups translated as “pho”. As a kid, I grew up eating pho as both my parents lived in Vietnam for over almost two decades before settling in Canada so having Vietnamese was very common in my family household. Every so often, … Continue reading Pho 99

Chau Veggie

Chau Veggie is the perfect place to enjoy a meal for those who are health conscious. They serve up mostly vegetarian/vegan based spin on Vietnamese food ranging from noodles, soups, curries, salads, including delicious vegan friendly desserts! Chau Veggie definitely hits the trifecta: good food, plant based, and budget friendly options that will leave you … Continue reading Chau Veggie

Mr.Red Cafe

Mr.Red Café is a humble Vietnamese restaurant on East Hastings that serves up authentic Northern Vietnamese food. Their specialties are Hanoi-style so you can expect the dishes to be very nice and light in taste but full of flavour from the combination of fresh herbs and spices. Petes has never tried Northern Vietnamese food before, … Continue reading Mr.Red Cafe